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Vertical Scabbard Gun Holster - Cowhide

As the name implies, this holster carries the gun in a "neutral rake", vertical position. Straight up and down, in other words. The weapon rides high, on the strong side hip, and the gun butt tucks snugly into the side for maximum concealment.

We have been asked not to mention names, but we can say that this holster is presently used by some very elite "government organizations". As a matter of fact, one group of operatives gave this rig the "ultimate field test" by immersing the gun and holster in salt water for 11 hours. The holster still retained the weapon. The holster's reinforced throat band makes it extremely durable under hard use.

Although designed for concealment, this holster is well suited for competition. Horshide version may be ordered with FBI forward tilt. Also available in black cowhide for these weapons: Beretta, Browning, BRNO, Colt, Glock, H&K, KAHR, Para-Ordinance, Ruger, Sig Sauer, S&W, Springfield, Star, Taurus, Walther.

Price: $126.50

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