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"Kramer holsters have gotten alot of acclaim lately and, I've found, for good reason."
Jerry Ahern - PETERSEN'S HANDGUNS - 1993 Annual

"Massad Ayoob introduced me to Greg Kramer, of Kramer Handgun Leather at the 1993 Shot Show. We hadn't visited very long before I knew that I was in the presence of a pretty savvy holster man."
Sheriff Jim Wilson - PETERSEN'S HANDGUNS - August 1994

"I've been sworn to secrecy, but I can tell you that Kramer is providing the leather gear for some very high-speed, hush-hush groups in government service."
Duane Thomas - PETERSEN'S HANDGUNS - January 1995

"If you are looking for a quality handgun holster that will quite possible last a lifetime, contact KRAMER Handgun Leather."
Denny Hansen - Editor, S.W.A.T magazine - January 1991

"In the past two to three years Greg Kramer has gone from a "who?" to one of the leading manufacturers of concealment holsters."
Bob Arganbright - COMBAT HANDGUNS - April 1993

"The only way he's managed to amass such a diverse clientele is by one satisfied professional telling another."
Duane Thomas - PETERSEN'S HANDGUNS - December 1989

"Probably the best belts I have worn are the horsehide belts from Greg Kramer."
Jim Grover - Personal Security Contributing Editor GUNS & AMMO - April 1995

"I can think of many times in the near future when I will have need of your most excellent holster.&Quot;
H. Norman Schwarzkopf, General, U.S. Army, COMMANDER IN CHIEF United States Central Command Operation Desert Shield. - From a personal letter dated January 12, 1991.

"I'm really pleased to see top quality holster makers like Greg Kramer making equipment for women that is intelligently designed and effective."
Lyn Bates - Contributing Editor, WOMEN & GUNS - October 1993

"I don't feel you can do much better than a KRAMER holster." Sgt. Dave Spaulding - POCKET Pistols - 1993

"I've seen Greg's work, and I have watched him perform it. He is a master class leathersmith, but he is even more than that."
Al Pickles - COMBAT HANDGUNS - June 1991

"Horsehide is the Lamborghini of holster materials. Thin, light, but amazingly stiff and durable, a horsehide holster will probably outlast the user."
Duane Thomas - PETERSEN'S HANDGUNS - May 1991

"Kramer's customers come primarily from law enforcement at all levels."
Charles E. Petty - Field Editor, HAND GUNNING - January/February 1992

"Greg's prices are about average, which is wonderful, since his quality is way above average!"
Carl E. Krupp - Publisher, SELF RELIANT LIVING - issue #161, 1992

"The pocket holster I generally use is the slim, rigid, horsehide unit by Greg Kramer."

Read what the general public has to say about
KRAMER® Handgun Leather

"This is one of the best sites for an online catalog that I have seen. You are up to date with what pistols are available."

"I recently ordered, and received, your MSP Paddle holster. I am a Federal law enforcement officer with over 30 years experience. I've probably owned about 15 different holsters during my career, many of which were from some "big name" competitors of yours. I can honestly say that I have never experienced a finer holster than your MSP Paddle. It is truly everything you advertise it to be. The workmanship is outstanding, and it it by far the most comfortable holster I'ver ever worn. I only wish I had found your product a little earlier in my career so that I could have enjoyed it longer. I would highly recommend your product to anyone looking for a quality holster."

"I purchased a Kramer pocket holster for the Tomcat. It is excellent. Actually, I purchased it through a Dillon Reloading catalog. This is the only Kramer holster that I own, and I am well pleased. Keep up the good work.
PS I enjoy playing find the bullet. It gives me a chance to tour your site."

"Thanks for the prompt response for my request to fix my holster I was not expecting a new one but that was very nice customer service on your part! I will continue to order your products in the future and tell my friends how happy I am with your company! "

"Excellent webpage! I will be ordering shortly, and your website's design and ease of use was a major contributor to my choosing Kramer."

"Just a note to say thank's for making my life easier. I have been using your in the waistband holsters (Two of them), for Several years now. One of the holsters for a Glock 27 has been in daily use for three years. Carrying a concealed weapon is a real nuisance but I have to say that your horse hide rigs make it easy. Comfort? I was carrying the little 27 and needed to stay out all night in sub freezing weather. When it was my time to sleep I left my clothes on and slept in my sleeping bag with the pistol in it's holster still on my waist. The result was I got the sleep I needed and when I woke up the pistol was where it belonged. The holster is showing no signs of wear and is as tight as the day I received it. Keep up the good work and my next holster will be coming from no one else."

"Being a police officer I own several holsters for off duty carry. I recently ordered the IWB#3. I received the holster in 11 days and am very impressed with the craftsmanship of the holster and the fit of the holster to the gun. The holster is very comfortable to wear compared to other holsters I've owned in the past. You can bet the next time I need a holster it will be from Kramer. I am very impressed with the time frame with in which I received my holster after placing my order. Thank You."

"Thanks. I enjoyed your site and was impressed with your selection of IWB stuff. Most of my experience has been with dimestore IWB rigs and I really can't complain, they have served me well, perhaps because both guns I carry in them are in the 16 ounce range (air wt. Bodyguard, & P-230) but man are they ugly. I would like to have the pride in ownership in a holster that I have in my sidearms."

"Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with your product and service. I recently ordered a IWB Clip Holster for my wife's Kel Tec P-11. She is very pleased with the holster. Workmanship is first rate, and the price and delivery time was well within reason. As a firearms instructor, I own my share of quality leather. Ted Blocker, Mitch Rosen, Taurus Leather. This was my first order from your company, It won't be the last. Thanks Again."

"Thanks! Nothing like good old USA service!!! Look forward to the quality items!"

"About six months ago I purchased my first Kramer holster, for a kimber compact. When I received it I found that I had just gotten the finest quality holster that I had ever purchased. The way that it is custom molded to fit my specific gun makes it the safest holster that I own. The quality of workmanship makes it the most comftorable holster that I have ever owned. A few days ago I ordered another holster from you. It is a shoulder holster for a H&K 45 USP, I have never bought a holster that is this expensive but I am sure that it will be more than worth the cost. Thank you for making the finest holsters available, there are very few companies that care enough to make products that are as high a quality as yours, keep up the fine work, yours is a company that is becoming a dying breed in our soceity, we need more people that care about there work and quality like the people at Kramer Gun Leather do."

"I called earlier today to check on the order status for the shoulder holster that I ordered from your company,and as always when dealing with Kramer I received a quick and courtious response. Thank you very much for having one of the best customer service offices that I have ever dealt with."

"I Just want to say I have a horsehide belt scabbard and I love it. My sig has not fallen out even when I run. I have soked it in water to see if it is really water proof and the gun sticks in better than dry. I tell all my friends about it."

"I just got my package deal for my glock 26. Quality is superb, in materials and workmanship. Galco isn't even remotely close, and your price is only $10 more than theirs for a similar holster. Your favorable write-ups in the firearms press are well merited. I will recommend you to anyone looking for a quality holster."

"I'm happy with a Kramer IWB#2; it seems to conceal the Glock well under most any kind of outer garment."

"I also have Kramer pocket holsters -- both left and right-handed versions. Again, excellent fit to the gun."

"I have a Kramer Pocket Holster for my S&W 442, and I think its great."

"Good choice. IMHO, Kramer makes damn fine holsters. Pricey (the IWB#2 is $88.00) but worth it"

"As for the convenience of a crossdraw in a car, I don't see what the big deal is. I've drawn about a thousand times inside of my own car using a Kramer IWB #2. Not a problem. I've observed tons of other people do the same, also with no problems."

"I've ordered about half a dozen holsters from Kramer over the past two years, mostly belt scabbards and IWB#2's, and never waited over 2 weeks for any of them to arrive. Maybe I'm using particularly popular guns (government model types and SIG's), but I cannot understand all the stuff I hear about long waits!"

"I am a loyal customer of Kramer. I ordered another holster from them today, as a matter of fact. I own one of their holsters for my P220, and have their gunbelt. The new holster is for a P230. The workmanship is outstanding and the waiting time (usually 2-4 weeks) is very reasonable. The prices are admittedly high but people, such as I, are willing to pay up because we like their stuff. I have not had experience with Galco gear but from casual observation, the workmanship does not, IMHO, match Kramer."

"Get the KRAMER!!! I got three IWB#2 holsters for different guns. BTW if you have a glock you have until August to get Police pricing on the IWB and Vertical scabbard at $53 or so. The 1911 I got is the Mahogany color and cost $85 took 2-3 weeks to arrive... I love it."

"I have a Galco Royal Guard IWB and a Kramer IWB. Both are well made horsehide. The Galco has the smooth side inward, but the Kramer smashes the leather to a very thin toughness. I think I like the simpler, thinner approach of Kramer."

"My Kramer holsters stay in my front pants pockets nicely. A horn-like protrusion keeps the holster in when drawing. The horn catches on the pants fabric. This has been the case for a variety of pants: Levi's, Sears Canyon River Blues, Lee khaki pleated pants, LL Bean wool dress pants (pleated and plain), Gander Mountain walking shorts. I'm 5'9" and 145 lb. I have three Kramer holsters (two IWB #2s, and one pocket) and they're great."

"I use the Kramer IWB#2 every day and love it. It is both comfortable and easy to get to in an emergency."

"Try Kramer. If you'll pay the price they'll build you a beauty."

"The finest paddle holster I've ever used is the Greg Kramer MSP paddle holster... made of horsehide... superb!"

"Some people lately have asked about getting quality gun leather in a timely fashion. Here is one partial solution. Check the ad in the June issue of Handguns, p.11. Kramer Handgun Leather advertises "Rapid Delivery" of certain holsters, including pocket holsters, the IWB #2, paddles, belts, and mag pouches. He offers a 10 working day turnaround."

"I have used the Galco S.O.B. with a S&W 6906 a few years ago for daily use and never liked riding in the car with that holster. I have been using the Kramer IWB#2 with both the Glock M23 and Govt. Model for about two years now and I have nothing but praise for Kramer. The Kramer holster is the best designed holster I have used in 18 years of daily gun carry. The thing about a Kramer that I notice is that they keep shape and retention long after the time that the Bianchi and Safariland holsters have loosened and the belt loops have stretched beyond what works for gun positioning."

"The Kramer holsters stay in the pocket quite well, better in deep right-front pockets than in hip pockets, also quite well in coat/jacket pockets. It is possible, for example, to mow the lawn wearing blue jeans with the Kramer holster "filled" with no discomfort."

"I have a Kramer belt slide and an MSP paddle. The quality of their work is top notch--I don't think you'll go wrong with their products. Bottom line is that the holsters themselves are great. The retention is excellent!"

"I own five Kramer IWB #2 holsters and two Kramer pocket holsters and feel that Kramer makes a good product."

"I use the Kramer IWB holster. It's great. They make two styles, one carries the weapon vertically (the barrel pointed straight at the floor when standing) the other has the "FBI" angle, kicking the butt forward."

"In my experience the Confidant offers nearly the best deep concealment of any of the available rigs; every bit as good as Thunderwear or a belly-band."

"I really like Kramer holsters and already own one."

"Kramer makes holsters for the K-9, and Kramer leather is excellent."

"I like my Kramer pocket holsters. I have a lefty and a righty for a pair of S&W 442s. Excellent molded fit to the gun. A square piece of Kydex attached to the holster breaks up the gun's outline so that it looks like a wallet in your pocket. On the draw, the Kramer holster is designed to stay in the pocket, allowing the gun to be drawn cleanly."

"FOR ME, the MSP from Kramer is both more comfortable and retains the gun more than well enough to make the thumb break unnecessary!"

"I have been using a Kramer pocket holster for my stainless steel Colt Mustang and it is an excellent holster. It does a good job of masking the pistol in your pocket while making the pistol easy to get."

"I wear my Glock 19 in a Kramer MSP paddle. A bit expensive, but hands-down the most comfortable holster I've ever used. All-day carry has never been a problem, especially when hooked up to a good sturdy belt. Don't skimp on the belt; a good sturdy belt can work wonders for your comfort."

"Check out Kramer Gun Leather at -- http://www.kramerleather.com -- I carry a Glock 19 & 26 in their Inside the waist band holsters, their holsters are great. They also make other types of holsters. I just ordered an IWB for my new Glock 30."

"I have two holsters which I use to carry my Glock 30. I prefer a strong side hip holster worn slightly behind the hip. I have a Bianchi Accu-mold Size 14A and Kramer horsehide belt scabbard paddle holster molded especially for the Glock 30. It is their high ride with the FBI tilt. The Biachi accumold was purchased to carry my full size Glock 22 but it works with the 30 fine. The Kramer on the other hand, is top of the line and well worth the money. It holds the gun much tighter to the body than the Bianchi for max concealment."

"I've worn a Kramer MSP holster for a Glock 23 for over a year now (almost daily) and I have to say that it is the finest holster I've ever worn... The horsehide is strong as nails, looks great and holds the gun securely... I'm a professional firearms trainer, a private detective (specializing in criminal and executive protection) and a bounty hunter...needless to say, I always have my Glock with me and its in my Kramer 90-95% of the time...thanks for a great product!"

"Thanks, you guys have done phenomenal work & I love your workmanship keep up the great work!"

"Just dropping a line to let you folks know how satisfied I am with your products. As a firearms instructor and police officer I carry a weapon during most of my waking hours. Of all the concealment leather I own, I find myself more often than not carrying my weapons in a Kramer holster. Other instructors want to know 'Wow, where did you get that'. Your product is secure, comfortable, and wears like iron. You and your staff are definitely a class act."

"I have ordered several items from you over the past year or so. I am very impressed with the quality products and the top-flight service I have received from your company. Keep up the great work!"

"Just wanted to drop a quick note thanking you for a good website. It seems that quite a bit of good firearms-related info. is available through here. Also, thanks for the great products."

"Today I received the Pocket Holster for my Colt Mustang Pocketlite that I ordered from you recently. This was the first time I've done business with Kramer and I would like to let you know that I am pleased with the Quality of your product and the service I've received. This is the first time I've ever ordered anything over the net and the fact that you offered a secure means to supply ones credit card info was the determining factor that let me feel comfortable doing so."

"You really make a good looking, practical product."

"I was most pleased with the last holster and have spread the word that your product is great, thanks again."

"I commend you on producing attractive, hard working and fairly priced holsters. Again, thanks for the fine work."

"I recently purchased an IWB#2. It is quite comfortable and obviously well made. I also appreciate the grip it allows on the handgun."

"I just received my belt scabbard holster for an S&W Model 49 Bodyguard. I expected good things, but was not prepared for the absolutely beautiful workmanship of your product. My hearty congratulations on what is surely the finest holster that I have ever seen! Many thanks."

"I've been using your IWB holster for my Colt and Springfield government models for about 2 1/2 years. Very comfortable, and very concealable. You're right, it does not collapse - unlike other IWB holsters I've tried. I even wear it when I go to the range and qualify."

"I am requesting a color catalog for the U.S. Department of State, Diplomatic Security Service. We wish to provide our Special Agents with the finest holsters available and would like to keep your catalog on file for them. Many of our Agents have been using the Kramer holster for years especially the Comp Rig for the Sig 228."

"Thank you for your time and keep making the best holsters around!"

"Have your Pocket Holster for my Seecamp... Top quality product, have it in my pocket at least 8 hrs/day."

"I am sure I'll be happy with the product ordered and if the quality of your product is as good as your concern for your customers, I am sure I will not have a problem."

"For your information, I am a retired law enforcement officer who lives in a high crime area. I purchased one of your pocket holsters for a S&W J frame almost two years ago and now carry it almost daily. I find it to be the best concealment holster I have ever used."

"I purchased a Sig 230 yesterday and nearly purchased a another brand holster until the salesman at Wade's Gun World said that your holsters were the finest on the market. Case in point, three of the three people I spoke to were wearing your holsters. That told me what I wanted to own."

"I recently purchased your IWB#3, and I am very pleased with it."

"I already own the concealment cotton under garment and I've found it exceptional."

"This will be my fourth Kramer holster. You must be doing something right!"

"I have purchased a two-gun shoulder rig and would like to begin with telling you I am quite pleased with the quality of the product."

"Good as Sparks leather is, I don't think it holds a candle to the stuff you make. My Belt Scabbard is easily the finest holster I have ever owned or seen, and your IWB equally impressed me."

"First, let me announce that you have just made a customer for life, and never again will anything but Kramer Leather grace any of my handguns. Talk about service and customer satisfaction... I have never in my life encountered anything quite like this!"

"I have a MSP holster, and an IWB#2, for my Glock 19. They are two of the best holsters I have ever used. I tried several others, De Santis, Alessi, etc. None of them were as good as my Kramers. They cost more than the others but are worth every penny. Keep up the good work. I hope to see some new products soon."

"Hello! I got my MSP paddle today. Once again, I am most impressed with the holster itself. The paddle is very comfortable. Thanks very much for your fine work."

"I just received my IWB#2, belt, and mag pouch today, and as expected the workmanship is excellent! I do appreciate the rapid turnaround, just about one month from when I placed my order, as I recall. I look forward to purchasing other Kramer leather equipment as time goes on, and will certainly encourage my friends to do so also."

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